In just 5 days time will leave the world wide web for good, as the few years I’ve been running this blog draws to a close.

It’s been fairly fun, and I’ve learned an absolute TON in my time writing for this site. I’ve got some killer recipes that I always refer back to (even though I wrote them myself!), and plenty of memories to cherish.

So why am I leaving? Obviously, the site hasn’t been updated properly in almost a few years now. I was as keen as cucumber when I first started my blog, with a million ideas bouncing about. And while I still have them ideas in my head and in draft blog posts, I found that for the most part, writing recipes was just too darn long and involved. You may not realise it, but every single post probably took around 6-8 hours to put together. Cooking the food, photographing the food, cooking it again if it went wrong, documenting every single measurement and ingredient, trying different things to make sure what I was putting out was the best it could be, taking even more photos, editing and touching up said photos, writing the blog, re-writing it to make sure it made sense, researching the Why?’s and writing them up, sanity checking them to make sure I wasn’t publishing false or dangerous information… And that’s just the posts! Once the posts were up you need to promote them, send out subscription emails, post them to social media, promote them… I simply don’t have that time anymore, and haven’t for some time.

I still have a killer passion for food, though, so this may not be the very end. But it will be for this incarnation of me on the web.

Rather than finish on sad news, I’ll share that my wife and I are expecting our first baby at the start of October! So there may be a mini-WhyChef coming to a blog near you in the future!

Take care everyone and thanks for reading!


– Martin

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