So as January takes full hold, and I sit here mourning the loss of my favourite full-fatty dinners, I start contemplating how I’m going to live my life without food luxuries anymore.

As a keen cook, this definitely shouldn’t mean all flavour and deliciousness has to go. My skills should be better than that. But lets face it – we’ve trained our brains to love pizza and cheese and chocolate and deep fried and cheese and pastry and cream and cheese and cheese. It’s a tough job undoing that belly-urge for cheese, no matter how fantastic the alternative is.

So my plan of action turns to finding some sort of way to plump up dinner, either directly or indirectly. It may be creating a salad that complements a turkey cottage pie. Or it could be sneaking in some hidden carrot and courgette while cooking out the turkey mince that’ll never get noticed, but will provide much needed bulk.

It leaves me pondering a huge question every time though – why do I not know enough veg well? I know the regular basic vegetables, but baulk at the idea of cooking an artichoke for a meal. (Jerusalem or Globe??!? *cries*) Is this something most of us suffer with? I’m certainly going to try and start setting myself goals of learning new veg each week to overcome my fear. My waistline and health requires it!

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