So The Why Chef has been in hiding lately! No proper blog posts in over a month! Eek!

I’ve taken some time out to have a good rethink on what I’m doing with the blog, and this post is just me waffling through my thinking!

Things that have been on my mind:

·         I have a full time job, and a wife, and find fitting in full blog posts and Whys every week a bit difficult. Mainly because I talk too much.

·         I feel that although my blog has a purpose, it doesn’t have a focus. I want to be great at a few things, not a jack of all trades.

·         While I feel that my recipes are genuinely worth sharing, they are mostly just standard recipes that most people know anyway. I can develop some of my own recipes to fit the blog, but this isn’t appealing to me that much.

·         However, I have been taking some very keen focus in the world of BBQ and sous vide. Plus I thoroughly enjoy developing recipes for these methods.

Where does this leave me and this site? Well I’m likely to be moving away from run of the mill recipes for the most part (unless I’m particularly impressed with something!), and I imagine I’m going to focus on both BBQ and sous vide. Most notably, the two of them together. I’m even coining the phrase (a la nicking it from someone off Facebook) Que Vide to represent BBQ and Sous Vide working together in a recipe. I went there! 😛

I still plan on continuing my Why’s because I expect my BBQ to be very varied, with tons of explaining and investigating to get to grips with. I find it fascinating that the most ancient method of cooking is also one of the most technical and scientific.

I do have some concerns though!

·         Both sous vide and BBQ are fairly niche. Combining the two as my main blog focus makes me SUPER niche. I may lose big chunks of my already small audience!

·         What if I get bored of this in a years’ time?!

·         BBQ and sous vide are both very slow processes. I’m adding a lot of extra time to each blog recipe! Oops!

· BBQ is very seasonal, so I will be hard pushed to make things move during winter. I may need to internationalise my blog a little!

·         My photography is still rubbish. I think I need to buy a book. Let me know if you have a good food photography book recommendation please!

I also wanted to start doing interim blog posts, general rambling posts that aren’t ‘evergreen’ and that don’t have too much purpose, and smaller posts like side dishes and techniques. But as you can imagine, when I’m having a moan about not having time these days, adding in more blog posts seems a bit silly!

I’ll keep thinking about it, keep writing up these ramblings, and hopefully it will all soon start to make sense!

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