It’s been quite a while since my last blog post, and I hope in the meantime you haven’t all forgotten about me! I think this is probably the longest I’ve been without a blog post… eek!

Well in Why World (ha! I’m keeping that!) there has been a toxic mix of my day job getting on top of me a little, planning MANY future Why? posts but having zero of them finished, working hard on improving my photography (it’s not going very well), and booking in an entire month of healthy recipes that should all be blog posts by the end of it!

I think I have an issue with part-started blog posts which I need to address. Before I started blogging, I read a number of books on it and they all said to have a bunch of blogs in your drafts at any one time, so you don’t get writers block and always have something to turn to. They recommended about 10 drafts at any one time, if you can manage that many.

Well in my drafts alone I have 46. There are a further 4 Why? pages in drafts, plus I’m adding another one today (FYI – Why? do we heat spices in oil). I can’t even get started on my Evernote account. I have 150 notes in there, which is anything from a single one line idea right up to written and finalised blog posts that I’ve had serious second thoughts about.

I think I like the sound of my own typing!!

So returning to my immediate pipeline….

Pea Puree Spherification – The recipe is done, the write up is done. The photos are naff. So almost ready to go live.


Chicken Katsu Empanadas – Everything is done on these except a few tiny creases in the recipe quantities. These are awesome as well, so I’m keen to put a line under this by the end of the weekend!


Two teas, side by side – I don’t know if I want to do this post as it’s not really me. But I’m exploring it, and it’s already written up and photo’d. A cheap but fair trade tea next to super Teapigs expensive brand.


Cold Smoked Cheese (+ many other foods) – The recipe is final, and the photos are. But the blog post is still being worked. Do I do a whole spread on the ins and outs of cold smoking? I’m still very much an amateur though. But it seems a bit short sighted just to post a single cheese recipe, because the entire smoking process is very involved. It’ll probably be the former, meaning a LOT more writing up!


Making and Building Cakes – This one isn’t going anywhere near my blog (err… other than this post, like…). I seriously am not a baker. Pastry and me hate each other. I really really would love to be better at this, but I am getting worse, not better. I’ve made about 100 cakes in the past few years, and they’re all delicious but awful to look at. ALL are awful to look at. Trust me – if a single one looked good, I’d blog it!



And lastly, I’ve been slowly looking at improving my social presence. Mainly on Yummly, but I’ve been dipping my toes in elsewhere a little. Except Twitter. I hate twitter, much to my own detriment.


So there is plenty still to come from me, and hopefully one of the big ones is consistent posting twice a week! Fingers crossed!!

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