No big game weekend party should be without these Super Bowl recipes. They’re not shy or cute; they’re big and bold and impressive. Real big boy food for the big boy game – my Super Bowl Recipes are both easy and enjoyable.

Over State-side, the Super Bowl weekend is very much a family affair, with everyone coming together to watch the game and enjoy all aspects of the event. However over here in Blighty, we don’t even see the kick-off until gone 12am Monday morning, and often aren’t done until around 4am. So as you can imagine, it tends to be confined to just die-hard fans and blokes down the pub who want a late night.

Despite this, it is increasing with popularity over here. When I first started watching the ‘Bowl, I didn’t know of a single London pub open late to show it. Now we’re spoilt for choice, with every other pub with a late licence giving it a go. Although I’m a HUGE fan of the Great British Pub (and our Ale), these pub nights can get very expensive and very messy… (Darn you table service!)

So if you’re looking to save a few bucks and host an indoor shebang, look no further than my Super Bowl recipes round-up for some of my favour treats to cook up for my mates. I’m calling these ‘grown up’ food as they’re hearty takes on big butch classics, but truth is that they’ll be enjoyed by everyone. Just maybe not at 4am after a LOT of beer and partying…

Super-Bowl-Party3A British take on the American classic, tailored to our British tongues. These British banger beer corn dogs keep the old American charm about them, but will surprise your mates by how easy they are to devour! And yes – they are cooked with beer!

Super-Bowl-Party-4Nothing impresses more than a big butch scotch egg that is dribbling with goo when you cut into it. They’re so much easier than you think to make, and my fool-proof method gets it right every time. Even cold, liquid centre scotch eggs are a triumph.


Homemade BBQ sauce on its own is a winner, especially when it’s as tasty as this! But cooking up huge batches of sous vide chicken wings with homemade BBQ sauce will win over everyone at the party. Don’t worry if you don’t have a sous vide cooker – there’s instructions for all cooking methods inside!


Ever seen them cans of croissant dough in the fridge at the supermarkets? Well, they don’t just make croissants if you use a little imagination, like these croissant pizza bites. In just ten minutes your party will be biting your arm off for more, MORE, MOOOORRRREE! Trust me.


Quiche is a universal pleaser, as they’re so cheesy and easy to eat. Don’t stress out trying to make pastry, or attempting to get store pastry to look right; a grate of potato and onion make these mini rosti quiches the perfect cheat. They’re crazy versatile as well, meaning you can fancy these up to everyone’s individual tastes.


More cheese? Hell yes, more cheese! No vehicle is better for a cheese overload than loaded potato skins. Gorgeous.


Everyone the world over likes nachos with guacamole, salsa, cheese, and sour cream. Don’t let your party be the runt of the litter by buying store-bought dips when it’s so much tastier and easy to make your own.


That’s my lot from my first ever recipe round-up! If you’re having a Super Bowl party, let me know how it goes – especially if you make any of these Super Bowl recipes bad boys!


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