Everyone likes eggs in the morning, and nothing beats eggs with ham and cheese laden on them! My cheesy breakfast wraps combine classic flavours very simply to create an easy go-to any day of the week.


I’ve never been very adventurous when it comes to breakfast. Because it is such a moody time of day (it is for me at least!), and because the brain doesn’t engage for an hour or so, thinking up delicious delights on the spot is really testing. So low and behold, my first ‘favourite’ for breakfast was created at lunchtime! Ok, I’d had a late night (hic!), and this was actually my breakfast at 1pm. That still counts, right?

Breakfast time in the King household has never been much of a story. Cereal was all it was as a kid, (except a classic fry-up once a month on a Saturday. The only meal my Dad ever cooked!), and little has changed in adulthood. But recently efforts are being made! I’m not much of a believer of ‘most important meal of the day’ as such – the facts behind the studies doesn’t stack up. But forget that – I love a good breakfast anyway. I’m just not the most morning of people! And with a 9-5, time is a difficulty. I also find it insanely difficult not to be super unhealthy when I do have the time to really indulge in the mornings.

I do like a good omelette however, but they don’t excite me that much. So when I had the brainwave of herbing them, cheesing them good, then wrapping them with ham and tortilla, everything seemed to come into place! Hooray for cheesy breakfast wraps!  A little splodge of tomato ketchup makes it all work beautifully! Or BBQ, if like the wife, you have BBQ sauce with everything.


Cooking omelettes is the easiest thing in the world, but I’m always a sucker for it going to pieces when I try and flip it. Gah it makes me mad! I’ve been known to throw a hissy fit and dump the whole thing in the bin after a failed flip! But my aim for the omelette in this cheesy breakfast wrap was to have something thin, rich, and easy to fold. I figured a really low-slow cook would achieve the bendiness I was looking for, and some extra egg yolks would make it deliciously rich. It worked! So have I been cooking omelettes far too hard and fast previously? Had I been egged on (pun intended) by the folks on Saturday Kitchen too much? I think so! Although hard and fast did seem to make the omelette lighter and fluffier.

There is a very good shout for the ham to be swapped out for candied bacon *drool*, but I’m being polite and still new-year-diet-chef so have stuck with ham. Don’t be surprised if the bacon variety makes an appearance after the diet has fell by the wayside! 😛 But for now, our only bad is the cheese in these cheesy breakfast wraps.

So what’s the #BreakfastWeek tag all about? Well, it’s Breakfast week from 24-30 January, so these cheesy breakfast wraps are my contribution!

This recipe is taking part in the Food Year Linkup – click the image below to find out loads of other good recipes this January! And make sure you comment plenty!

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Cheesy Breakfast Wraps

Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Servings 1 Cheesy Breakfast Wrap


  • 2 large Eggs
  • 2 large Egg yolks
  • 1 tsp Italian/mixed herbs (or chopped parsley rosemary, and chives if you have them)
  • Salt & fresh ground black pepper
  • ½ Tbsp Vegetable oil
  • Grated gruyere + cheddar – to your own preference
  • 1 Tortilla wrap
  • 1 slice Ham I used carved Yorkshire ham
  • Ketchup brown sauce, or BBQ sauce (optional)


  1. Beat all the eggs together with the herbs, salt, and pepper until fully combined. Meanwhile, get a panini or sandwich press heated.
  2. Heat the oil in a frying pan over a low heat. When moderately hot, add the egg mix and cook low and slow until most of the egg has cooked through. There should just be some small puddles of egg left.
  3. Flip the egg to cook the other side, and immediately add the cheeses.
  4. Fold in the edges to the centre, then cut the bottom off one of the ends of the strip. The omelette should fit with the uncut end at the top of the tortilla, and the cut end about ¼ of the way up.
  5. Place the ham into the tortilla, then add the omelette on top. Squirt sauce on at this stage, if using.
  6. Fold the bottom edge of the tortilla where the omelette has been cut up, so it covers the bottom of the omelette. Turn the sides in to make a wrap.
  7. Place in the sandwich press for approx. 2 minutes until browned, then serve hot.

What what why?

Why slow cook the omelette? Well, as mentioned earlier, I think fast flashing the eggs didn’t work for some reason. It works for fried eggs, but this could be because the white needs the most cooking to keep its structure, and that’s at the bottom of a fried egg, directly on the heat. The high heat will turn the water in the eggs to steam very rapidly, giving it extra lift – this explains why I achieved more height and fluffiness from the high heat. But this also makes much weaker bonds as there is a lot more air inside the eggs. As these cheesy breakfast wraps are to be folded, we want a much denser, stronger, thinner layer of omelette, which is ideal for slow cooking. We only want the eggs to be cooked to around 65C so they coagulate, but a hot frying pan can be anywhere in the region of 120-190C. We’re then killing the underneath of the omelette, while still taking ages to pass  the heat through the egg. Keeping the heat nice and low means everything has a chance to get to the temperature we want without any burn, and while maintaining a decent, rigid structure when I flip. Lesson learnt!


I love a good experiment, me. So next up, I’ll try zip-sealing the omelette and sous vide cooking it to its perfect temperature. I know this works as a method, but what I’m interested in here is how its structure compares to high fry and low fry, and maybe even oven baking. It should be the most dense and solid by my earlier reckoning, but without the possibility of air and steam escaping, I feel it may end up deliciously silky. But useless for cheesy breakfast wraps…

Why the extra yolks? Yolks are the delicious richness part of the egg, which is exactly what I wanted from these wraps. If you’re not as much of a fan, simply do 3 large eggs. You could even omit the yolk entirely if you want much healthier, but that would need a lot of flavouring to make work nicely.


Why ham? Why not bacon? Well ham, egg, and cheese are all good friends with each other, and get along just great. Bacon is awesome as well, but he’s their angry, aggressive big brother, and would totally change the dynamic of the dish. Keeping the bacon at bay makes this lighter, healthier, and more focussed on our eggs and ham flavours. With cheese, because we can’t be that healthy, even when we try.

Why gruyere and cheddar? I love both these cheeses, and both give something different to the plate. Gruyere melts very stringy, and has a deliciously nutty flavour. Cheddar melts like molten lava, and brings a vintage richness. But all this is very much a preference of my own that I know works. Replacing these with mozzarella, just cheddar, Emmenthal, Brie, or even good old American cheese is perfectly acceptable.

Why toast the tortilla? I think this makes it lighter and more acceptable in the morning. Much like toast, bread is pretty stodgy and heavy. Fine for lunch when we’re looking for a fill right up until dinner, but at breakfast this feels like it weighs us down. Toasting it makes it both hot, and lighter. Much easier on the morning stomach.


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