We’re fasting again! Diet day #6 & #7 are Tuesday and Thursday this week, which is our preferred 5:2 diet days. I was out of town with work yesterday, so that forced our hand somewhat anyway. This also meant I couldn’t plan for breakfast and lunch like I wanted to, so I’ve gone with my usual go-to’s with the intention of making dinner more creative. As I’m making dinner up as I go along, I’ve under-budgeted my calories today so I can jazz things up should it need a helping hand. No drinks today that I wouldn’t normally have anyway, so I’ve left this off.

Breakfast – Uninventive but an easy go-to of cereal. I’d happily try something else if there was any other cereal that was on-par calorie wise, but my (albeit limited) searching shows that All-Bran is the lowest available.

Lunch – Not much I can add on top of what I have before regarding my ham sandwich. I find ham incredibly easy to eat day-on-day, so it suits me well. I think I became immune to the lightness of Dijon mustard, so I’ve upped it to the harsher Coleman’s in order to pack in more of a flavour punch.

Dinner – Pasta is usually a no-go for diet days as the carbs bulk out the calories too much. However, as part of this salad, I’m using very little pasta and a lot of veg to keep the balance there. Pesto is also heavy on the calories, but we’re using so little that it barely registers. If I find this mix is lacking, I plan on adding in some tomatoes and red cabbage, and red onion at a push. Tuna, like most fish, is great for calorie budgeting. A simple can of John Wests will suffice.


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