5:2 Diet day is on us again! I was in a rush this morning and forgot to grab a cereal bar for breakfast, which meant I had to get something from the shops. It was also a good test to see how realistic breakfast and lunch on 5:2 diet days can be. Turns out that it’s not that bad, but you’re seriously limited in what you can have (but  we knew that anyway, right?). Soup is always a sure-fire way of having a decent sized lunch for sub-100 calories, although all the delicious flavoured ones are out of bounds 🙁

I’ve also included a snack today as a) I’m massively under my calorie count today, and b) I’m not sure how hungry I’ll be after such a slim breakfast and lunch, so I’m predicting I’ll need something to get me through my jog before dinner. You get two of these oat bars per pack, which I share with the wife.

So my 20th November 5:2 diet day will play out like this…

Breakfast – I went with a Broccoli & Carrot pot that had a rather nice roasted beetroot dip. At only 43kcal, it’s unbelievably low in calories. But I couldn’t finish it – a bit too raw for me 🙁 and it wasn’t very breakfasty, but then I’m always a bit weird in what I have for breakfast. Plus all the cereals and yogurts they had were well over my calorie budget.

Lunch – I’m trying a Glorious Mexican tomato soup (limited edition I’m told) because it sounds funky and tasty, while being just 93kcal for half a pot. I’ve had a number of Glorious soups before, and I’m quite a fan. I do plan on making my own soups soon though.

Dinner – I had some haddock in the freezer that I bought a month or so ago that I’ve been meaning to use, so I’m taking a punt and making something up as I go along. I know I’ve got spinach, lemons, and red peppers in the fridge, so I think I’m going to go with a tin foil oven steamed wrap thingy. I can taste feta cheese working with this as well, but I don’t have any plus it’s adding calories on that I can’t really afford. Parsley is a must though.

Drink – Tea is essentially free, and I have a single teaspoon of sugar which is around 16kcal according to Google. A couple of mugs will do me for the day.

Snack – As mentioned earlier, I’ve added in a snack today, which is out of character for diet days. I may not even have the cereal bar if I can manage through, but the budget allows for it so I’d be surprised if I didn’t take advantage.


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