Back to the regular fold of things this week – dieting on the same day as exercising. We’ve opted for our favourite dieting dinner – Ken Hom’s Soy Mustard Chicken [thighs](we do breast). It’s a fantastic marinade, full of Asian flavour and depth. But as it’s slightly heavier on the calories, we need our exercise this evening to help quell the hunger pangs.

The weekend could have been better in terms of eating ‘normally’ – we went out for dinner with the in-laws, which always equals good food, good drink, and far too much of both. We planned to make an effort to rectify this yesterday, but that fell at the wayside when Tesco let us down and didn’t deliver the lean venison steaks we ordered. Bah! So we’re adding on an extra kilometre or two tonight to adjust for our naughtiness. As usual, we’re also planning on the healthiest weekend possible this coming weekend… Don’t hold me to this though! It’s my nephew’s birthday party and I’m planning a dessert blog post on the back of it!

5:2 meal plan for diet day #4 therefore looks like this:


Breakfast – Due to dinner being slightly on the heavier side, I’ve gone with an Alpen bar to bring down the calories. It’s not really a breakfast, and it does feel like you’re punishing yourself, but I find that once I’m in the fold at work I can largely forget about food until lunchtime. My office is fairly good for not having random food lying about, so I can only eat the food I bring to work with me. This stops me snacking and increasing the calories.

Lunch – I hold my hands up to being totally boring here with the same sandwich thin as I always have. 157kcal easy. The wife had a soup so she could bring her calories down by a further 58kcal here.

Dinner – I cannot underline how much we love this recipe. It’s nothing to do with dieting, just a stroke of total delicious luck that it happens to be pretty healthy. I take the recipe from Ken Hom’s Travels with a Hot Wok book (non-affiliated link) which I picked up for 50p in a charity shop, and it’s one of the best books I own. I swap the thighs for chicken breasts, and stick them under the grill to keep everything as low-cal as possible. I’m also far more stingy with the marinade on diet day than usual. We opt with plain rice, but steamed veg would be a good option as well if you can get inventive with them.

Drinks – If flavoured teas are you thing, then these are fantastic for dieting as they contain essentially no calories. I’m not overly a fan, but I can certainly enjoy them enough to help pass the day by. I’ve also got about 20 different samples from Pukka as part of my workplace, so I can mix up the variety and try and keep it interesting. Black tea and coffee are just as good, but much harder to swallow than teas I find.



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