The wife and I have a busy four days coming up, so our second diet day is earlier than usual (we try for Tuesday & Thursday). Today I’ve tried to really make an effort to do something inventive and filling for breakfast, as the All-Bran was really starting to tug at my annoyance. Lunch might seem just as boring, but for some reason I really enjoy ham and mustard; the repetition doesn’t bother me at all. Dinner is something I’ve cooked successfully before, but this was my pre-blog era so I have no notes on what I did, therefore my blog-standard version is a few incarnations and improvements away from sharing quality. The breakfast was a doddle though so that recipe coming imminently!

So here is my 5:2 meal plan for diet day #3…

Breakfast – The calories in eggs are concentrated into their yolks, so removing these gives a great base for some super-low-cal dishes. Annoyingly, most of the flavour is also concentrated into that delicious yolk, so plenty of work is needed to flavour the whites. I went with red pepper and spring onions. Both of these are criminally low in calories while giving bulk and bold flavours. Plus I got herby to give another flavour dimension. I cooked this in the microwave as it was on-the-go to be made while at work. Although this makes it very work-friendly, it’s also a really naff way of cooking the eggs. But needs must. I also utilised an Indian masala dabba to bring everything in to work neatly without having to mix it beforehand. I got nervous about ‘getting flavour into the eggs’ and wound up slightly over-seasoning mine, so do be careful!


Lunch – An old favourite of mine as I know it’s very easy, the calories are quantifiable, and it doesn’t feel too much like punishment. As before – super low fat mayo replaces butter, and mustard can add tons of zing for next to no calories.

Dinner – Turkey breast is by far the lowest calorie minced meat you can get from your standard supermarket. With a touch of spice and onion, these can be made into meatballs which make a great healthy replacement for beef or pork. A homemade tomato sauce needs little else other than some flavour tweaks and cooking to create a great base for the meatballs to cook in. I’ve called this ‘Moroccan’ as it uses their great spice mix: ras-el-hanout. The baked egg isn’t necessary, but it really gives the dish something extra, we’re not cooking any pasta or rice as they’re too calorific. Today turns out to be a very eggy day!


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